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Buy Used Bmw 6 Series Convertible

The BMW6 Series was an interesting model. When BMW brought it back to the market, itcould be had in two different flavors: the 645Ci coupe and convertible. Both iterationswere a departure from the rest of the line as they only had two doors and along, wide stature befitting of their place in the BMW hierarchy. It only got alittle weirder from there.

buy used bmw 6 series convertible

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Over the years, the 6 Series coupe and convertible ended up gaining a new sibling when the 6 Series Gran Coupe joined the lineup in 2016. The Gran Coupe boasted more doors and a sleeker sense of style. All three iterations of the 6 Series were powered by either turbocharged 315-horsepower inline-six engine for the 640i models or a 445-horsepower V8 engine for the more prestigious 650i models. And for anyone that needed more power and even more prestige, the M6 was also available, which produced a whopping 560 horsepower out of a turbo V8. A GT (Gran Turismo) model was later added to the line, and the coupe and convertibles were discontinued. 041b061a72


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