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Cheapest Way To Buy Turbotax

While TurboTax and H&R Block might be the best options for most e-filers, there are other reputable alternatives as well. After researching the marketplace, here are the five options that topped my list if your goal is to have the cheapest e-file tax return. I have affiliate partnerships with all tax software companies & the links lead to the best available discounts for their products.

cheapest way to buy turbotax

TurboTax all the way for me. Definitely not the cheapest option, but as a stock market and real estate investor and a business owner, I have found their tax preparation process very easy and straightforward. Never had a problem with any of my returns and it beats paying a few hundred dollars to an accountant.

Choose the cheapest option, TurboTax Self-Employed, if you want to do it yourself (with general support available when you need it). Choose the mid-tier option, Live Assisted Self Employed, if you want a tax expert to review your final return before you submit it and you want on-demand live support. Or, go with the full-service option, Live Full Service Self-Employed, if you want a tax expert to do your entire return for you.

And if you start with the cheapest TurboTax Self-Employed version and decide you want to upgrade to the Live Assisted or Live Full-Service version for more tailored support, you can do that at any time without having to start over.

If you're looking for the absolutely cheapest way to do your taxes, do paper returns. Otherwise, I don't know that you should really make a decision based on just a few dollars. If you've used any of these tax software solutions recently, please post about your experience in the comments. Online reviews I've seen seem to indicate you get what you pay for here.

i used turbotax myself until i became a contractor and started my own business. I really like it as well. I might be able to handle my current situation but am currently using an accountant. Not cheap at all. Occasionally they do point out ideas that may or may not be worth doing. Some of the ideas brought to my attention in the past have been using GA film credits to pay for state taxes and setting a salary within my s corp (a topic you have covered).

Probably. But you can buy the cheapest and wait until they force you to upgrade in the program. No biggie. You used to be able to do Schedule C with deluxe but I think they changed that. I use home and business. 041b061a72


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