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Retro Prom Hair Style

We teamed up with hairstylists from GLAMSQUAD, a new app that brings stylists to the comfort of your own home, and they taught us exactly how to get a cute short bouffant style for prom night. See the steps above on how to get the look, and below stylist Giovanni gives us tips for how you can get the look yourself for your big night.

retro prom hair style


Beneath the circlet, the hair is folded up and over into a messy, free-form chignon in a low position at the back of the head. The hair is expertly highlighted in a mixture of light, medium and dark blonde shades which accentuate the amazing textures and movement of this chic, contemporary hairstyle beautifully!

When it comes to a formal occasion, your hair and makeup need to look great until the night is over. We'll help you plan the right wedding or prom hairstyle that can stand up to the occasion, so we'll take into account your venue, the weather and any activities that you have planned. Will there be flash photography? Humidity? Dancing? Give us all the details!

Upstyles are a great way to take on tradition with a modern twist! From vintage rolls to simple chignons, even to new-takes on retro classic hairstyles. Let us know if your wedding or prom has a theme so that we can match your hairstyle to the theme!

Few wedding hairstyles can compete with the glamour of old Hollywood waves, those sleek, retro curls that were made famous by movie stars like Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth in the 1940s, and are regularly donned by modern stars like Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey and Jessica Chastain, as well as lots of brides, and the ultimate fictional sexpot, Jessica Rabbit! This is a style that can be loose and pretty or sleekly defined, making it perfect for a classic wedding look, engagement party, hen party, or any kind of glamorous celebration. In this post we're showing you how to create retro waves, so you can live your red carpet fantasy, regardless of what you've got planned!

The difference between this look and your standard curly blow dry is that the waves run in one continuous line, creating a groomed and outrageously sexy effect. Because the curls are so precise, it's actually pretty tricky to create, but well worth learning how to do at home. If you're thinking about retro waves for your wedding day, it's best to leave it to the professionals - one of our recommended hairstylists should be able to create the look for you!

At home, there are two methods to create the look - the pin curl method and the styling tool method. The main difference is that one was used by millions of ordinary women between the 1920s and 1950s to create everyday hairstyles, and the other was invented by stylists specifically for shoots and red carpet events. This means that the results from the first method are more robust and will last longer. If you chose the second method, you'll need to take care to preserve the look - ideally, you'll be travelling straight from home or the salon to the bash, with little time outside!

Step 4: Start your pin curls! You'll be working in rows of about an inch in width, which run the length of your parting. There are two types of pin curls, one that is pinned flat, so that it's flush with the head like a flapper's hairstyle, and one that stands out from the head, calling to mind a 1950s housewife. We like to use a combination of the two, starting with a few rows of stand-out curls at the top of the head and moving onto flat pin curls as you move further down the head. You can also leave the crown of your head uncurled if you'd prefer your waves to begin around the cheekbone or jawline.

Prom season is such an exciting time but also a time where you have to make SO many decisions! Dress, makeup, accessories, and hairstyle are some of the top areas of consideration. If you're having trouble thinking of some cute ways to wear your hair for the special occasion, scroll through some of these picture-perfect hairstyles for prom below!

Prom party is a very important occasion for junior and senior students, everything need to be perfect. Perfect prom dresses, perfect make up, perfect hairstyle, perfect jewelry. Perfect is necessary, but matching is also important. Following are the tips of perfect hairstyles for prom dresses.

When thinking about what kind of dress I wanted to wear for my senior prom, I was certain about a couple of things: I wanted to look like a princess, and I also wanted to wear Doc Martens like Buffy in the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I ended up getting a pink 1950s-style dress made by a dressmaker, which I wore with white 14-inch Docs, rhinestone cat-eye glasses, and a furry spiked collar that I think was supposed to be for a pet cat. Much of the Rookie staff and our friends opted for vintage or vintage-inspired dresses as well:

And also I was inspired by my old retro barbie dresses. I mean I've always envied my dolls clothing since I was little. She always had glittery and outstanding princesses dresses and I wanted to be a princess at my prom.

Go all out with an avant-garde platinum blonde pixie fit for that iconic missy girl attitude. That flapper style of hair makes a striking result. Women with a natural glam personality are sure to suit such a crop and waved hairstyle.

Fluffy curly hair is a perfect enhancement and low-maintenance style for women with tight curls. Using cream-based curl-defining products such as Aveda Be-Curly Curl Enhancer and a light volumizing mousse will keep your curls in place, decreasing frizz and adding shine.

Consider an afro style on natural hair for African-American ladies. Ask for a trained hairstylist that can assist with the proper cut and products to achieve such beautiful curls. To give your curls definition, try Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie to damp curls and air dry. For volume, gently pick your hair from the root and puff it up and out.

I have a strong love for European old hairstyles. This curly style is a special and classic style. It has a spirit of romantic sensations and it fits with all generations (renewed and continuous style).

Not only can your facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself, but your elegant hairstyle can also reveal things about you. This look gives a sharp, bold, and fancy style, and at the same time, it gives softness. Waves can be changed based on your face and body shape.

For styling, use gel or a mousse on your wet hair and allow time for the curls to set. Do this after you use hot rollers or curling iron before you brush them out. Cool time is essential when you are using a hot tool. This look is perfect for a Gatsby party, but certain aspects of it could be used on a night out, too! I love incorporating modernized vintage looks into everyday style.

This look is a vintage faux lob (long bob). To create the look, which was the vision of a shorter style, I pinned up the underneath back section and styled the top sections of the hair into a 20s wave with a modern twist.

This 20s-inspired look comes with a more modern, softer feel. A large, sharp wave flows down into a curl-covered Gibson roll at the back. True authentic styles from that period could be quite flat to the head, sometimes a little harsh, so making this hairstyle a bit fuller keeps it more up-to-date and flattering.

This mid-length Hollywood glamour style is inspiring. When going to a special event, the hairstyle dominates the look. Curl your hair in horizontal sections and set the curls with pins. Let your curls cool for a solid 20 minutes, then brush your hair into the waves and pin them up. Finish off this curly hair with Balmain Strong Hold Hairspray.

This roaring 20s-inspired finger wave is definitely more of a dramatic play off of a traditional finger wave. We decided to pin it up and create more of an upstyle with it. My favorite thing about this waved hair is the feminine quality it has overall. I especially love the waves framing the face.

I love the art that this Eton crop becomes as it dries, and appreciate the smooth shine that happens when both wet and dry Wet hair and a lightweight gel were used for the model in this cropped hairstyle. Utilize the fine-tooth side of a comb for best results.

We all have a signature go-to hairstyle that suits us. Whether you are a pin straight hairstyle or perfectly curled locks, if you have a hairstyle that you love to rock, there is no need to make a drastic change. After all, your prom pictures should look like you.

If you are one of the many that would never be caught with a ponytail, why do an updo hairstyle for prom? Go with your signature hairstyle and ask your stylist to add a fancy touch to your look with hair accessories to make your beautiful dress!Our hairstylists have a knack for glamming up any signature look. Bring pictures of your go-to look and our stylists will add a high-end twist to your hair.

To add a little modern touch to this retro look, ask your hairstylist to bring a few loose tendrils down to the front and sides. Add a sparkly clip or flowers instead of a headband to finish your hairstyle.

Are you ready to execute your chic hairstyle this prom season? Call or Text 561.820.0500 to book your appointment with one of our glamour professionals such as Mayra or Suela at Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach, FL.

Prom season is nearly here so we have put together our top picks for the hottest prom hairstyles for 2017. At Voodou we specilaise in prom & special occasion hairstyling and are sure to create a perfect look for you.

Achieve a beautiful hair up style for prom that is chic and slick by asking your stylist for a chingnon or stylish balerina bun. Leave your hair to dry naturally and achieve a messier bun hairstyle that is right on trend.

To book your prom hair styling appointment at Voodou or for further information or advice on all the hair services and beauty treatments we offer at our Liverpool and Tuebrook hair sallons call 0151 708 4017.


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