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Mantra Mahodadhi English Translation Pdf

Mahīdhara ("earth-bearing") was a 16th-century commentator of the Vedas. His treatises include the Mantramahodadhi ("great ocean of mantras") of ca. 1588, and the Vedadipa (veda-dīpa, "light of the Vedas"). The latter concerns the Vajasaneyi-samhita of the White Yajurveda.

Mantra Mahodadhi English Translation Pdf

Among the medieval works on Tantra, this work in Sanskrit holds a place of great importance for its comprehension and authority. The author, who describes himself as an anchorite who did austerity in Varanasi, prepared this book in twenty -five 'Tarangas' more as a compilation of relevant material for the sadhakas than as an independent work. It is encyclopaedic in nature; it is verlly an ocean (as the title suggests) of mantras. Now in Tantrik sadhana, the mantras are of great significance, for they are sufficient means of visualizing the gods. Indeed the mantras are the "body" of the gods. There is thus a correspondence between the mantra (formulation), murti (Visulization), and the tantra (actualization). This correspondence is the theme of this work. Is the them of this work. Exceedingly valuable for the spiritual practitioners and extremely popular among them in the North as well as in the South, there was till now no translation of this work into English. Great was its need. Sri Satguru Publication of Delhi have therefore to be congratulated work available for making this monumental work available to the English- Knowing folk. All the 3,300 verses of this work (completed in 1589 A.D.) have been literally rendered into easy English with the help of the author's own commentary called Nauka. The board of Scholars who have completed this arduous undertaking have done a fine job, and richly deserve our praise. They have filled a lacuna that was keenly felt.

Das Mantra Mahodadhih ( mantra-uda-dhí, Mantramahodadhi, grosser Ozean der Mantras ) ist ein von Mahidhara im 16. Jahrhundert verfasstes Werk mit ca. 3300 Versen in 25 Tarangas. Das Thema dieses Werkes ist die Beziehung zwischen dem Mantra (Formulierung), der murti (Visualisierung) und dem Tantra.


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