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Joshua Moore

OBS Studio 24.0.2 ?

I have MacOS Elcapitan and the last compatible version of OBS is 24.0.2. The OBS Mac virtual CAM plugin is only working with newer versions of OBS. Is there a way to use a virtual CAM to use OBS 24.0.2 with Skype, Zoom, etc. I am looking for a CamTwist alternative.

OBS Studio 24.0.2 –

For actual video capturing software, the test will be running on OBS Studio 24.0.2. I also have an article here if you wanted to use QuickTime for capturing . There is test samples to give you an idea if you wanted to use that instead.

In OBS Studio version 24.0.2 and newer, OBS Studio can ask Windows to reserve some GPU capacity for its use. In many cases, GPU overload issues can be resolved simply by running OBS Studio as administrator; try that before continuing with this guide.


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