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Home of the SL Lady Rebels

Below you can find a general breakdown on the different levels we have within the program, as well as an outline of their upcoming schedules. 



Our Flight Team is geared toward ladies who are looking to compete, to be coached & to be challenged this upcoming Basketball Season. This may includes playing in boys leagues or playing against competition 1 year up depending on the given tournament.


Average Weekly Commitment

(3 days per week)



Our Black Teams will follow a similar schedule to our Flight teams. They serve as a perfect middle ground for players looking to be playing more basketball but are still working on the understanding/applying aspects of the game. 

Average Weekly Commitment

(2-3 days or  a week)



Our Red Teams are focused on players who might new to be basketball or coming from a  recreational team.


They will have a stronger focus on individual Skill Development & understanding/applying the  terminology used on the court.


Average Weekly Commitment

(1-2x per week)   


2024 Summer  Schedule

17U / 16U  / 15U Flight 

  • Idaho Prep Hoops​​:                       April 19-20th

  • Salt Lake Slam:                                 May 17-18th

  • Rocky Mountain Showcase:       June 13-15th

  • NCAA Live Event :                        July 12-14th

  • EOT Summer Finale:                           July 19-21st (Roseville, CA)


Jr Rebels Spring/Summer Schedule 

(March    2024-July   2024)

  • Mtn. Hoops / APA League      April 13th - May 18t

  • ID Preps Tourney                 April 19-20th

  • Rocky Mtn Showcase              June 13-15th

  • Summer Finale            ​​             July 25-27th 

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