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An understanding of the NESC insulator strength requirements and their application in PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, and TOWER is critical in order to insure that correct results are obtained. This TechNote will briefly discuss one possible interpretation of the NESC and how to translate this into settings for criteria and loads within our software.

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This should be the end of this TechNote. However, there is an important issue currently being debated in the industry that should be noted. You may have noticed the frequent use of the phrase "literal interpretation" above. This is because there are some in the industry who have said that the intended application of the NESC is not to use unfactored loads. This issue was further complicated by a recent presentation at an NESC meeting of a series of polymer insulators of various ages that were pulled out of service and tested to destruction (January 2003 NESC meeting minutes). Approximately 90% of them failed below the rated ultimate strength. During the ensuing discussion of this presention, some stated that the NESC insulator strength reduction factors of Rule 277 are the actual capacities of the insulators and thus should be used for all design loading conditions, not just the NESC District Loadings.The discussion was based around the premise that even if the insulators don't experience catastrophic failure, they may develop stress cracks and other problems at loads below the specified rated ultimate strengthsand catastrophic failure could then occur at a later time under another less stressful load. It was further clarified that that this is true under any design load conditionsand not just the NESC Loading District and that the NESC Overload Factors of Rule 253 should be used in addition to the strength reduction factors of Rule 277. There was discussion of whether or not this should be changed in the 2007 NESC and even if an emergency TIA should be issued to modify the existing 2002 NESC to reflect these problems. The exact status of the TIA is not known to Power Line Systems at the present time.

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