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Msr206u Driver Software FOR Windows7.rar

The sample driver does not require any magnetic stripe reader hardware to function because it operates on a software device. If you have a hardware device you wish to use with the sample, you can still use the driver by adding the device's hardware ID to the INF file.

Msr206u Driver Software FOR windows7.rar

You will see a Windows Security dialog informing you that the publisher of the driver can't be verified. This is because the driver was signed with a test certificate. Click Install this driver software anyway. In a moment, you will see confirmation that your driver was installed correctly.

5) The drivers compatible for XP for all motherboards in the table below are stored on the T: drive (software drive under Windows drivers). If you require drivers for motherboards after the 100 series they may be available from (a page on the WinRaid forums that is maintained by Fernando who keeps a list of (fairly) updated drivers for newer motherboards and a very comprehensive set of instructions). Make sure you download the classical drivers and you may want to look up the model of the motherboard and the southbridge (sometimes manufacturers modify components) to choose the best version(more info on this in the above link). In case you cannot find the drivers, a fallback is presented at the end of the document (in the additional info section, however, note that this is NOT guaranteed to work, Fernando's drivers have been tested and so would be the first choice when choosing between drivers.)


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