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Digi 003 Drivers For Mac

if there are no 10.8.4 drivers... then it's a bit of a gamble... and given its an Avid/Digidesign product, the gamble becomes even higher given their reputation... in regards to the quality of their OS X drivers..

Digi 003 Drivers For Mac

Download File:

It sounds like you know what you're doing so I'm not sure how helpful I can be, but I too have a Digi002r and had to try different drivers till I finally got things working properly. In my case, I'm running LPX on Mountain Lion on my internal drive and also on a bootable external drive running Yosemite.

I had no problem using the Avid uninstallers when I was trying different drivers. One tip you might find helpful is to download a free program from the App Store called EasyFind. I much prefer this to Spotlight for searches. Once installed and launched, just type in "avid" and you will see all kinds of avid files and folders (including invisible ones.) Double-click on an file/folder's path and you will be taken directly to it.

My problem is specifically with the Avid/DigiDesign drivers for the Digi002 Rack audio interface. I think some of my trouble shooting steps can be generalized to anyone who needs to uninstall a piece of software for which the developer does not have a proper uninstaller.

I just wanted you to know that I just discovered your post on removing Avid drivers. My Mac had been refusing to shut down or restart for a year. I had been working on it in fits and starts over that time, trying various fixes that were posted in the forums until I finally stumbled onto your very detailed post. I followed your instructions and now my Mac works like new. Thank you for taking the time to describe the problem. I no longer have to resort to force shut down, or launch the activity monitor to quit various processes, or any of the other workarounds I've tried over the past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Edit - I am using a Mac Pro Tower so I can't speak to the latest iMac, but a thunderbolt to firewire adapter should do the trick in that case. As a precaution you could install the latest 002/003 drivers and make sure you can access the device that way before dropping the money for Logic.

The 003 Rack inherits many of the improved features of the 003, including its high-quality preamps. The inner part of the jog/shuttle wheel is a jog control, and when you rotate this it automatically puts Pro Tools into Jog mode. In this mode, you can move the Session transport (and cursor) forwards or backwards by small amounts, enabling you to find edit points by listening, like we used to have to do before the days of digital audio workstations like Pro Tools. The jog control also has a couple of other functions. It can be used to bank tracks to different faders: to scroll the display of tracks on the 003, you hold the Nudge switch and rotate the inner jog wheel clockwise to scroll tracks to the right or anti-clockwise to scroll tracks to the left. It can be used to continuously zoom in or out horizontally or vertically on all tracks by holding down the Zoom button whilst rotating the wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise. Alternatively, to continuously zoom in or out vertically for all tracks, you can hold Shift+Alt+Zoom and rotate the wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise. 350c69d7ab


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