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Wesley Carter
Wesley Carter

Bing Rewards Comes To Android And IOS, No WP Love

As a developer and gadget enthusiast, I've got a lot of devices. At any given time, I will have one of the latest devices for each major platform in both phone and tablet form factor. However, the one I reach for the most daily is my Lumia. I recently moved from the 1020 to the phablet monster 1520...and wow do I love this phone. Its freakish size is a bit off-putting at first, even if you've used and held the Galaxy Note, but you get so used to it after about a day, and then every other device feels inferior and puny. I've only had the phone/tablet/phablet/monster for a little over a week, so not long enough for a full review...but it has motivated me to list out some of the great apps available for WP8 that I use and depend on as this phone becomes my daily.

Bing Rewards Comes to Android and iOS, No WP Love


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