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How To Survive 2 Modsl

as this mod is completely free of cost, you have no requirements to install, but you have to keep track on any update which is available and of course the update will be released every time. you can choose whatever updates you want from the update center itself.

How To Survive 2 Modsl

nowdays a lot of people like m.v made amazing games as hawk and warface. if you are game addict, then you must have hawk. if you are left to survive mod apk lover, then this game is just for you.

first of all i want to tell that it is entirely free to download and install and modded version so no further credits will be required, and no further payments will be required, when the original game releases it for

  • in the zone has it's own items. they are: shotgun: high-powered, highly effective but has a low reload

  • double barrel shotgun: a high-capacity, low-reload shotgun. the best fire weapon in the game.

  • uzis - the variety of the uzis is enough for any firearms in the game.

  • bazooka: fires explosive rockets that can blow open a door in a few seconds.

  • rpg: extremely powerful, requires more time to charge, but it is the heaviest and slowest to reload.

  • plasma rifle: extremely powerful, great for long range.

  • holographic gun: extremely powerful, can be used as a sniper.

  • laser gun: great for close range and can fire high explosive rockets.

  • plasma gun: can fire high-velocity blasts and can also be used as a sniper

  • kung fu knife: can be used for melee or thrown.

  • electric fists: extremely powerful, can also be used in melee and can stun larger enemies.

  • plasma hammer: extremely powerful and can blow out a door or wall.

  • saw: 100% zombie kill

  • cannon: fires a concentrated shot that kills 99% zombies.

  • electric chainsaw: fires a concentrated shot that kills 99% zombies, chainsaws are best for opening closed doors.

  • plasma chain: fires a concentrated shot that kills 99% zombies, this is a strategic weapon that used as a close-ranged attack.

  • dropper: drops a crossbow or canister down from above


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